Nutridew Milk - A2milk

Nutridew Milk - Organic A2 Cow Milk Kolkata, West Bengal

Organic A2 Cow Milk

Nutridew Milk - Pure and Organic A2 Milk

Nutridew Milk is Farm Fresh Raw A2 & Organic which is 100% Pure & Natural. Milk is from a single source directly from own farm. We don't collect milk from other farmers. Neither do we involve any third party in the milk delivery process. This helps us to have full quality control and ensures purity and avoids any chances of adulteration in milk.  At Kamdhenu Farms, our Cows are fed with organic green fodder and are given the required balanced diet for perfect cow health. We have an ample supply of green fodder from our own farm.  There is no use of any chemicals, hormones, GMOs, and antibiotics at any stage.

Now you can experience the purest quality of A2 milk - Buy Nutridew Milk in Kolkata & Any Place in West Bengal. 

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